Diversity 50p

Diversity Built Britain 50p


Issue date: 2020

Quantity minted: Unknown

Approximate values:
Circulated average condition: 75p
Circulated excellent condition: £2.50
Uncirculated: £8.50

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Front Design:
The words “Diversity Built Britain” set on a network of interconnected triangles, known as a geodome. Designed by Dominque Evans.

Obverse Design:
Queen Elizabeth II portrait by Jody Clark.

More about the Diversity Built Britain 50p

Issued to celebrate all the people who have made Britain what it is today, including the contribution of ethnic minority communities that has been a big part of that story but often goes unrecognised.

Designed by Dominque Evans, the geodome structure is composed of interconnected triangles linked to form a network, with each part equally as important in uniting the whole composition. This represents the importance of connections between communities, and the strength that these connections form across the country as a whole.

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