2011 Fencing Olympic 50p

Fencing 50p


Issue date: 2011

Quantity minted: 2,115,500

Approximate values:
Circulated average condition: 75p
Circulated excellent condition: £3.00
Uncirculated: £9.00

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Front Design:
Two fencers taking part in a bout, with the London 2012 Olympic logo above and the denomination “50 PENCE” below. Designed by  Ruth Summerfield.

Obverse Design:
Queen Elizabeth II portrait by Ian Rank-Broadley.

More about the Fencing 50p

Issued as one of the 29 Olympic 50p designs to commemorate the games in London 2012. Each 50p features a different Olympic sport.

Men’s fencing was included in the Athens Olympics in 1896, while women’s fencing wasn’t introduced until 1924 in the Paris Olympics. Points are earned when a player strikes their opponent in the target area with a sword. Individual rounds last for three 3 minute each and the winner is the first to 15 points or the one with the highest score when the time is up. There are three disciplines using three different swords, a foil which is a lightweight blade, a Sabre which has the shortest blade, and the epee which is the longest and heaviest blade.

The winning design chosen by the Royal Mint belonged to Ruth Summerfield from Stoke-on-Trent, who picked a sport where the body makes interesting and dramatic shapes which would translate well onto a coin.

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