Battle of Britain 50p


Issue date: 2015

Quantity minted: 5,900,000

Approximate values:
Circulated average condition: 50p
Circulated excellent condition: £2.00
Uncirculated: £4.00 to £8.00 depending on version



Front Design:
Three airmen scrambling towards their planes, by Gary Breeze.

Obverse Design(s):
Queen Elizabeth II portrait by either Ian Rank-Broadley or Jody Clark.

More about the Battle of Britain 50p

These special edition 50p coins were issued in 2015 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. They quickly earnt recognition in the coin collecting world as there were three different versions of this coin released. The differences are on the Queen side (obverse) of the coin as below:

  1. Features the older Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and has no denomination stated on the coin.
  2. Features the newer portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Jody Clark and also has no denomination stated on the coin.
  3. Features the new portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by by Jody Clark  and has the “Fifty Pence” denomination stated on the coin.

Error Coin or Intentional?

Quickly dubbed an error coin by collectors, the versions struck without the denomination were only originally sold in presentation packs. In the early days after release these undenominated coins were selling for close to £100 each.

The Royal Mint confirmed that the 50p intended for circulation later on in 2015 would have the 50 PENCE denomination.

Not only does this Battle of Britain 50p fail to feature a denomination on the Uncirculated version, but each obverse is different – a first for a UK commemorative coin.

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7 months 6 days ago

i have a coin battle of britain with jc an the 50 pence on it what’s it worth

Geoff Wolfe
7 months 6 days ago

Depends on the condition. Has it been circulated? Estimated values are shown above.

Anthony Mcpartlin
6 months 9 days ago

I love this coin

Geoff Wolfe
6 months 9 days ago

Yes it’s one of the best designs.

Januja Mohan
4 days 12 hours ago

i have this coin, it’s been circulated, how much is it worth?

Geoff Wolfe
4 days 11 hours ago

Estimated values are shown above (next to the big coin image)